Smith And Wesson 38 Ctg Serial Number Lookup It would also help if we knew what model of revolver you have. marcas registradas model #10-5 Se Smith & Wesson 3. military for thousandsof Smith & Wesson's new revolvers in the then U. The photo I attached is a close resemblance except for the length of the barrel. The Model 33 (No dash) was built on the Modified I frame and was a very limited production revolver. Until that time, your revolver would have been known as a. I have two Smith & Wesson 38 Special CTG Revolvers that I inherited from my Smith & Wesson 38 special snub nose, Model 10-5. By dkinzer, 9 years ago on Smith & Wesson. The same serial number is stamped on the frame where the grips are attached (below the trigger guard) and on the inside of the cylinder. 53565 Second World War (association) Creator Smith & Wesson, Springfield, MA, USA Dimensions. They're the finest new handguns possible with designs harkening back to the most famous and collectible guns that Smith & Wesson ever constructed. Approximately 115,000 manufactured between 1880 and 1884. I'd like to get some idea of how old it is and what ammo I can safely use in it. I'm very familiar with modern …. The Model 60 came out in the mid 60's I think. It does not have a S&W circle stamp in front of handle but it does say MADE IN USA on the right side just under the Barrel. S&WCA LM#2629 | Ex-Navy Vietnam Vet. Save the Second Amendment, take a kid shooting!. Serial number is marked on the butt as well as the cylinder. My 38 special S&W Ctg has a serial number 27082. 38 Military & Police’, Pre-Model 10, Square-Butt K-Frame. This has a serial number of 100500. help with Smith and Wesson Serial number. Smith and Wesson Regulation Police model. Sixes Discussion starter · #7 · Nov 11, 2021. Except on relatively new guns, this usually is not the serial number and is unhelpful in identifying the handgun. 38 S&W Special (not to be confused with. The specimen that you write about is probably a 38 Military & Police Model of 1905 - 4th Change. 98 There is an iron cross at the end and start of the 2 lines. Serial numbers ran from 1 in 1877 to 108255 in 1891. Here's how to aim for this gunmaker once more with a covered-call play. serial number on butt is …. The gun is a 32-20 ctg the serial number is 1111xx. Serial number on the bottom is 17 All i know is that the model of the gun is the S&W 38DA Perfected 38S&W. It is definitely a revolver, 6 inch barrel, says Smith and Wesson on the left side, and 22 Long Rifle CTG on the right side. smith and wesson 22 lr ctg pistol with a k6548 serial number. Smith & Wesson Double Action Revolvers in. You need to look on the butt of the gun on the grip frame to find the serial number. See more of Smith & Wesson M&P Revolver - Model 10 on Facebook. 38 Smith And Wesson Lemon Squeezer. #1 · Oct 2, 2016 (Edited) There are many, many other S&W revolvers not covered here. Anyway, the serial number is 2397**, there is also a number under the hinge of the cylinder that reads 6126. 38 S&W Short (referred to as such to differentiate it from. 38 Special +P - Revolvers at GunBroker. What is the age and value for a Smith & Wesson Model 64-3. 38 special ? By Raylan07, 8 years ago on Smith & Wesson. The Blue Book of Gun Values used to have serial numbers in it though I don't recall if S&W was one I have a 38 s w special ctg 6 shot revolver smith wesson the serial number is 303292 it has all matching serial. Serial number 81478, numbers on bottom grip frame, cylinder, bottom of barrel lug and inside right grip all match. The crane cut is marked with the Jan 29, 2022 · 38 Smith And Wesson Serial Number Lookup After the Second World War, SW began using one-letter prefixes on several models of revolvers. Pre-war revolver with pearl grips and top brake cylinder. They are classified by size and designated with a letter. 38 Military & Police, Model 1905, 4th Change made in the mid-1920's. It has a 4 digit serial number, 897x, on the bottom of the handle. How to search serial numbers smith and wesson 38 spc two guns airweight and a cpl. Inside the chamber at the hinge are 2 numbers that …. 38 S & W Special CTG date of manufacture. The "US" marking reminds me of some Civil War relics. 3-1/4" barrel, nickel plated, black rubber grips. The serial number on bottom of frame and behind. SMITH AND WESSON 38 SPECIAL. The "Y" number in the open cylinder crane are assembly numbers,,, The Serial number is what is on the butt of the grips. Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers have had your back since 1950. The metal is in very good to excellent condition, no rust, a few small scratches, no pitting. S&W made a lot of different models that chamber. 38 Smith and Wesson Special CTG. Value depends on condition, accessories, etc. am trying to date my S&W Model 10. When I looked at the gun at the shop, it looked as though there was little to no cylinder end play. 2022-03-14 Model- 38 Special CTG Caliber / Gauge-. The Highway Patrolman (Model 28 after 1957) is an N frame 357 Magnum offered with zero options beyond barrel length (4" or 6"). According to Roy Jinks, Smith & Wesson’s historian, those changes were already underway because the company desired to reduce the. ) The other number you see is probably just a factory assembly number. Smith & Wesson 38 special ctg Patented Feb 6, 06 Sept 14, 09 Dec 29, 14 woo By Guest, 9 years ago on Smith & Wesson. Pre-war K22 1st Model target revolver. I have been getting a lot of confusing information about this 38 S&W ctg. The Smith & Wesson Model 686 is a six- or seven-shot double-actionrevolver manufactured by Smith & Wesson and chambered for the. The C only appears on the butt with that serial, but not next to it like rifle serial numbers. Dates somewhere around 1908 - 1909 if I'm reading the catalog serial number lists correctly. 38 Special CTG, 12 years ago on Smith & Wesson. Serial number: K 1204XX Barrel = 4" Adjustable rear sights Open the cylinder and the post is stamped with a capital "D" and the numbers 4170 4. Looks like a pre-Model 38, if there is no model number stamped inside the yoke with the cylinder open. The ones shipped to the British will be chambered in 38 S&W vs 38 Special. G 4" blued S/N: C142104 Original checkered grips Decent condition, some wear a couple of tiny rust spots There is no model number when you flip the cylinder open. 38 Safety Hammerless Third Model revolver. 38 double-action appeared shortly after April 3, 1889, and did away with the rocker-type cylinder stop, along with the unsightly extra cuts in the periphery of the cylinder. 38 Special Performance Center J-Frame Revolver with Synthetic/Wood Gr. The 5 1/2" long barrell is marked "32 long ctg. 5-inch 17 cm barrel and adjustable sights. Smith And Wesson 38 Ctg Serial Number Lookup Oberon For Mac Commandos 1 For Mac Biblequote For Mac Os Lightroom Adobe For Mac Processing 3 For Mac As you explore gorgeous locations in search for hidden objects and clues, you may also encounter smart brain-teasers and original mini-games to solve. I have a smith and Wesson 38 Ctg , with no model number , serial number. 2022-03-02 Re- smith and wesson 38 gun ID and value With a #39J#39 serial number prefix, and being hammerless, it has to be either a Model 38 (Airweight) …. The model 10 is the most produced revolver in history. Bores and chamber area are very clean and look little used. Smith Wesson Serial Number Lookup. Your Dan Wesson Model 15-2 with the standard 6” barrel was made around 1977 and worth around $400-$450. I have a smith and Wesson 38 special ctg. The number that counts-- the legal serial number-- is the one found on the base of the butt. The serial number can tell you the range of dates that the gun was made, and the specific year. With that serial number, the tables in the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson by Mr. Soon to follow was S&W's first K-frame revolver—the. The gun looks like it was just purchased, not a scratch on it. Serial range about 4001-119000. I Have A S&W 38 With Pearl Handle ,serial #C679320. Since S&W began stamping model numbers in 1957 your 34 would likely be ~1958. Would have done except Smith & Wesson's revolver model numbers have. Welcome to the forums from the cotton and peanut covered plains of the Wiregrass! That is a. The Smith amp; Wesson Model 10, previously known as the Smith amp; Wesson Military amp; Police or the Smith amp; Wesson Victory Model, is a. At the time of its introduction, the cost of a factory box of 50 rounds of the cartridge was $1. Also on the frame (hidden until you open the. From my reference, a 38 with serial number in the range of 146900-241703 would make it a M&P model of 1905, 3rd change; I am sure WiregrassGuy and others who have more knowledge will be along to confirm or give you correct info if I am incorrect. S&W started producing stainless K-Frame revolvers like yours in 1970. Smith & Wesson 38 S&W SPECIAL CTG Year and …. Smith & Wesson lengthened the case of the. Queston About My S&W Model 67. I was wanting to know when this weapon was made and the possible value of it. Smith and Wesson Serial Number Lookup: 6 Prefixes Meaning. For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50, and pre-model number varieties, here is when …. Steve: Smith and Wesson Military and Police. My daughter shoots at a range and I have read that it is a good target gun. by the serial # 1814xx, it would be a 32 Hand Ejector Model of 1903 - 5th …. I see recent completed sale prices on Gunbroker from $400 to $800 for a Model 14-3 in 6". welcome01 to the forums from the Wiregrass, David! Your gun is a. For the last 30 years it has …. The serial numbers on the butt of the gun and the underside of the barrel. Grips for my 38 S&W Special CTG. Has smith and wesson springfield ma and several dates on top of the barrel. A serial number identifies a specific device such as an iPhone. just above the trigger to the right it says made in USA marcas registradas springfeild mass. Your serial number points to a 1987 shipdate. This looks like a 1952-54 manufacturing date, but that’s my guess. At a minimum give us the serial number, or at least the 3 letter prefix that forms part of the serial, from the bottom of the metal grip frame, the model number from inside the yoke cut with the cylinder open and the caliber (e. 53”, originally built with an alloy frame and an alloy cylinder weighing 10-3/ 4 oz. SMITH & WESSON SERIAL NUMBER LOOKUP: HOW TO. I recently became intrigued about finding out its manufacture date but can't find any …. *Smith & Wesson Model 686 357 Magnum Revolver Like New In Box with factory accessories. This service uses the two-letter codes stamped on the barrel of Remington rifles and shotguns to determine the age of the firearm. Smith And Wesson 38 Special Ctg Serial Number Lookup. 38 Military & Police (model numbers were added to the name). A Chiefs Special with that number would have shipped in 1953, before the CS was given a model number. 45acp230 Premium Member · #10 · Jan 20, 2019 (Edited) Per S&WSC 4th ed. Smith And Wesson 38 Special Ctg Serial Number Lookup - Labelkeen. 38 Special Identification. Trying to find which model it is and when it was produced. Hey I was wondering if someone could look up two serial numbers for me. Grips have gold medallion at top. Smith And Wesson Serial Number Lookup: How To Find Your Gun'S Model And. You will see a model number there: MOD 10-x (either -5 or -6). After WW II the serial # reads with barrel to the left (except for serial numbers on the fore strap thru 1957). Inspecting Smith and Wesson Revolvers. Just inherited a smith revolver stamped “mod 38” next to the cylinder and “airweight 38 special ctg” on the barrel and just curious about the piece. 38 Special can be fired in a modern. Welcome to the forum! That SN would put it at 1969, and identify it as a K-frame. 22 Hand Ejector Ladysmith 22 Long M. Again that is a terrific inheritance!. 32 Smith and Wesson CTG Value and history. Are you certain of the SN on the butt, as it should fall in the 1967-68 time frame. 38 S&w Special Ctg Serial Numbers. Smith & Wesson 38 S&W SPECIAL CTG Year and Approximate Value. Some internal changes were made in 1903, and in 1904, the square butt became an option at approximate serial number 58,000. If I have the number correct, your family's revolver shipped in 1949 or early 1950. More description would help, but pictures are even better. Help to determine age of S & W Pistol. SMITH & WESSON / S&W NICKEL 1905 4TH CHANGE 5”BRL 38SPL CIRCA …. SMITH WESSON SERIAL NUMBER LOOKUP quote from History of Smith and database exists Dec 10, 2018 · Smith Wesson Model 629. It shows no signs whatsoever to …. The Smith & Wesson K-38 Combat Masterpiece, Revolver Model 15 is a six-shot double-action revolver, with adjustable open sights, built on the medium-size "K" frame. If you tell us the serial number, we can let you know whether there is likely to be a model number. Smith and Wesson Model 10 Serial Numbers: How to Find Your ">Smith and Wesson Model 10 Serial Numbers: How to Find Your. Waidmann · #4 · Sep 24, 2013 (Edited) Its a Bodyguard, the Airweight version became the Model 38; the all steel the Model 49. Gun Identification Question(s). Wondering the worth of this S&W 38 S CTG Pearl Handle It's a Smith & Wesson 38 S & SPC CTG. For consignment guns, we only take cheques. : Need help just got a 44 mag Classic DX 8 3/8 inch. 38 Special was much more powerful than the. We need the serial number from the butt of the handle. Smith & Wesson Springfield, Mass. Smith & Wesson Revolvers, Pistols & Rifles at Arnzen Arms. On S&W serial numbers, the K serial number was instituted after WWII by S&W to designate K frame guns with target sights. By Dan T, 2 years ago on Smith & Wesson. The dingbat is a decorative symbol used to decorate the text. Smith and Wesson serial number search. 32 S&W LONG ERMA WERKE ESP 85A 32 LONG RAINBOW EDITION MADE IN GERMANY. If bonds have been destroyed, you must apply to the U. Smith & Wesson 38 S&W Special CTG. Help Identifying a S&W 38 special revolver without a model number. What is the age and value of a and Wesson 38 special ctg…. Pretty gunked-up with oil & dust. As well as the flaming bomb ordnance mark and the inspector’s …. By JoAnn, 13 years ago on Smith & Wesson. Each is based on a model known for legendary performance then enhanced. Newer S&Ws also have the SN inside the crane. The revolver was know as the Military & Police model and was chambered for several cartridges including 38 Special, 32 WCF and 38 S&W. stocks traded mostly lower, with the Nasdaq Composite dropping over 60 points on Wednesday. 38 Smith And Wesson Special Ctg Smith And Wesson Serial Number Lookup. They look like Model 10's, and are very similar, but predate the Model 10 by over 50 years. Older N-frame designs have a six …. 38 M&P serial 449993 was shipped in May 1923 and. Early models may have a square butt or a round butt but all later models have round butts. Sounds like it may be a model 10. But the application of the 3-Alpha serial numbers was notoriously inconsistent in those days. Made in USA stamped on right side of the gun. 38 ctg- age, value? By L Scott, 10 years ago on Smith & Wesson. Smith & Wesson Regulation Police 38 S&W CTG, info please">Smith & Wesson Regulation Police 38 S&W CTG, info please. Close-up photo of the code's location on a gun. Smith & Wesson 38 Special with a serial number of…">I have a Smith & Wesson 38 Special with a serial number of…. caliber, 4 shot single action revolver,. 22 Long rifle CTG with number 81K2996 mod 17-4. Smith and wesson 38 special serial number lookup - wayspna. 38 Special revolver, manufactured between 1965 and 1967. o User Name: Remember Me? Password: Forum: Register: Notices: Consider Becoming A Supporting Member. It's a pinned and recessed K-38 (pre model 10) probably made in the 1940's. Information on a smith and Wesson …. 357 Magnum revolver, which was basically a. Revolver is in very bad shape and parts are missing. The grips are later replacements and show marks and wear. The serial number indicates a gun from 1967. So your firearm could be: a) A cheap Saturday …. Looking for production date and value. This particular cartridge is the. The most expensive magnum is the Model 627 V-Comp, and the cheapest is Model 627. It is equivalent to approximately $40 …. hard to see in the pics, but grips appear to be plastic/replacements. Smith And Wesson 38 Special Revolver Serial Number. With the serial number that you have supplied,your Smith and Wesson model 37 was made in the year 1981. We continue to bring innovative firearms to market that meet the needs of every shooter and deliver on exceptional quality with a …. Smith & Wesson M&p 38 - For Sale, Used - Very-good Condition :: Guns. Write something about yourself. Finding your Smith and Wesson serial number depends on the type of firearm you have. 4 screws on right side, 1 screw on left side to hold on grips, 1 screw inside (front of) edge of. Here we'll look at how to use it to identify the model. 38 spl Smith and Wessons in that serial number range were produced in 1903 and 1904 as the Smith and Wesson. Where Is The Serial Number On A Smith And Wesson. The finish was a basic brushed blue and there were no options on triggers and hammers. $406 A used one in fair condition. When this occured, S&W decided to add a "V" prefix for "Victory" and start the numbers over at 1. First, go to Smith and Wesson's website. Markings on barrell: Smith & Wesson Springfield, Mass USA PATD July 1 84. 2022-01-25 · Smith And Wesson 38 Special Serial Number Lookup By Address 38 Special Smith And Wesson Serial Numbers In 1935, SW introduced the. , later built with steel cylinder. This plate is usually located on the side of the gun near the trigger guard. Smith & Wesson serial number …. Revolvers - The official serial number is located on the bottom of the butt of the frame. 38 S&W US Service CTG’S Serial Number 90515 on butt and bottom of stock. To find your Smith & Wesson's serial number, first locate the gun. What information can you provide for this revolver. They weren't made at an even x-number per year, so extrapolating your serial in that range isn't going to be exact. The 38 S&W case is larger than the 38 special case (. The only sure way to get a shipping date on a S&W is to spring for a factory letter. Anyone know around what timeframe I'm looking at, and maybe a model number It sounds like a 38 military and police. On top of barrel stamped Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass. Smith and Wesson 38 special CTG long barrel Serial# S 837700. ">Smith and Wesson Model 10 date of manufacture. Those of you familiar with this style will know the rear top latch and the side release need to be. 38 Hand Ejector models, is a six-shot revolver built on the Smith and Wesson K frame, with a …. Special CTG" The butt serial number is 4726XX. 38 Regulation Police is sometimes referred to as a. The model 48 was introduced in 1959 and discontinued in 1986 and is known as the "K-22 Masterpiece MRF". During WWII, they had a V prefix to the serial number and using a letter prefix continued on most models after WWII so, if there is a letter. Smith Wesson 38 Special Ctg Serial Numbers Recipes. I don't know much at all about these guns and would appreciate any information (date, value range, etc. It was introduced in 1950, and is still in production in the. There should also be a serial number on the cylinder face and behind the extractor star that matches the others. If I hold the gun and look at the serial number on the bottom of the handle - and the barrel is pointing to my left the serial number is 60699. 1948 was the year production began again on the. S&W 38 Special Model 37 Airweight CTG. Starting with serial number 316648 S&W began heat treating the cylinder steel. Brand: Smith & Wesson; Item Number: 162810; Smith & Wesson Model 642 38 Special J-Frame Revolver $539. What's New; Forum Listing; I've got a Smith & Wesson AIRWEIGHT 38 …. Also, with that serial number (which dates to about 1970) there should be a model number stamped on the frame in the yoke cutout, visible with the cylinder open. The first set is the manufacturers code, the second designates the type of firearm, the third set is the firearms chronological number, the fourth set shows the year of mfg. What is a Smith and Wesson Model 10 nickel plated 38 caliber Learning About Your Smith & Wesson Revolver (Updated). It shows some wear and tear from use and would sell for about $600 as is. 44 Hand Ejector First Model (New Century, Triple-Lock,. I just inherited a S&W 38 Special Model 14-2, Serial # is K By Guest, 12 years ago on Smith & Wesson. There you can enter your serial number into their search bar. The barrel is marked with "Smith and Wesson" on the left side and "38 S&W CTG 38SPL" on the right. Identifying features: This is where to look for the model number (not used until around 1957). The Model 19 is 1976 production. 38 Hand Ejector models, is a six-shot revolver built on the Smith and Wesson K frame, …. Secret Service Special Top Break 38 S&W. Here is what info i can get from it:. As grasshopper said pictures would help very much. What is the age of a 38 Special Smith Wesson CTG 9D54042? 1982. The 4 line address appeared in 1948, therefore this revolver was made post WWII. The grips are period correct (<1942) and look to be in great shape. What is the age and value of Smith and Wesson 38 Special CTG …. The pre-war serial # on the butt reads with barrel to the right including I frame serial numbers on the fore strap. The Smith & Wesson logo is a stylized 'S' overlayed on top of a stylized 'W'. Need help to identify date of a S&W 22 long rifle CTG. I believe the letter to ad $50 in value to the piece. The M28 HP was meant to be an economical service revolver for police. Also on the frame (hidden until you …. Value will depend on actual condition and we need to look at. What is the age and value for a Smith & Wesson Model 64. You will find it on the bottom of the grip frame and on the flat on the underside of the barrel (visible with the cylinder open). 38 S&W, which is substantially identical to the. Hi brewit56: It looks like a 2nd Model Double Action and your sn places it in the 1880-1884 time frame. and had a 4" barrel as made under a World War II U. I acquired a S&W 38 special which is very old. 32 Winchester is another name for the. 38 Special date of manufacture? Hello! Smith and Wesson 38 special ctg serial …. The book shows serial numbers for the 34 as 11000 in 1955 and 52673 in 1959. The serial number is C466621, which points to production in 1960. I'm guessing this is the serial number. Smith & Wesson Model 15 K38 Combat Masterpiece. The numbers inside the yoke may help determine appx. The airweight was an alloy frame that is much lighter than the 49. Use a magnifying glass if needed. This 85 percent gun would easily fetch $850 to $1,100 as both a shooter and a military collectable. Smith Wesson AIRWEIGHT 38 SPL. You can find the serial number on a Dan Wesson pistol on the frame between the take down lever and the trigger guard, on the right side of the gun with respect to the position of the gun when gripped. If that's the case it is a much older gun than the other one. 38 special, 5 inch common in 38/200 or. How many Smith and Wesson 44 mag model 28-2 were made?---- ---- The model 28-2 was in 357 magnum and not in. Bekeart felt that a heavy framed. Smith And Wesson 38 Special Ctg Serial Number. When Smith & Wesson adopted model numbers in 1957, the Chiefs Special became the Model 36. 38 M&P with a 4" barrel was the military revolver of WWII, AKA the Victory model. The silver piece is most likely a Tyler grip adapter. 38 S&W Caliber (I have observed revolvers in the 1-40000 range in. 38 Chiefs Special Model 36 3"barrel. on a S&W revolver, the true serial number, stamped on older or engraved on newer, is located on the butt of the revolver, the model number and may include a "dash" followed by the version (and sometimes a duplicate and/or partial serial number) is located on the inside yoke of the frame, the same area where inspection and recall. It was manufactured between 1915 - 1942. LSB#: 170130JH03 Make: Smith & Wesson Model: ‘The. It has a BNP stamp on the left side, barrel as well as the cylinder. 38 the number on the butt read D717366 in side reads MOD 10-5 35189 the D15 it is chrome plated and was just wondering the value of this piece. The only markings i can seem to find are stamped on the sight rail on top of the barrel stating - Smith and Wesson Springfield mass usa - then a line below that the beginning is worn but i can make out half way thru it - jan 3 1880 april 9 1889- when a-d-s on the left side of the barrel its stamped 38 s&w ctg with a weird looking "&" symbol no. on the left of barrel it says smith and wesson i have found 3 serial numbers on this fire arm that all match c 109381 underneath barrel underneath the cylinder and on the but of fire …. But prices aren't running as high for the HP as the gun deserves, especially with the 6" barrel. Serial numbers beginning with an S were produced from 1945 until 1948. Your Model 48-4 was manufactured in 1980. 38S&W Special CTG Revolver. I have a Smith & Wesson 22 Long Rifle "CTG", Serial #K 88293. In 1910 a San Francisco-based gun dealer named Phil Bekeart began calling for Smith & Wesson to chamber its. By Adrian, 6 years ago on Smith & Wesson. The serial number should also appear in the ejector rod flat under the barrel and on the face of the cylinder. Only 3 single digits stacked on top of each other 7 1 8 (7 being on top). Open the cylinder and see if "MOD NNN" appears. 32 Hand Ejector Model of 1903, sometimes known as a. Once you’ve determined the model, go on the …. Examine the surface of the S&W gun to find the serial number. My research indicates it is a Smith and Wesson model 1 second issue and was made sometime between 1877 and 1891. The first three letters are "THC". I am looking for the approximate value of an antique S&W 38 pistol. 38/32 revolvers (Terrier) and the serial numbers started with 54475. You're Model 15 is an incredibly accurate revolver. Looks like a 38 Military & Police model of 1905 4th change. 38 Caliber Double Action Perfected Model Revolver. 6 1/8 inch barrel and is double action. That would be a post war 38 Military and Police (K frame pre model 10) made between 1945 and 1948. Advanced Search Cancel Login / Join. Tim_wilso Discussion starter · May 11, 2017. I'm very familiar with modern pistols but am at a little loss with older ones. Thanks for any info! Smith & Wesson serial number prefixes. Smith & Wesson has made dozens of different revolvers chambered for the S&W. 38 Super Police) Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson. But then I find a B 419#### any ideas. He may have brought back a gun, but it was not this one. Smith And Wesson 38 Ctg Serial Number Lookup Oberon For Mac Commandos 1 For Mac Biblequote For Mac Os Lightroom Adobe For Mac Search App For Mac Cable For Mac To Tv Hdmi Smartmontools For Mac Os Powerpoint For Mac Бесплатно Open a shared folder or mailbox in Outlook for Mac. Wic Reset Serial Key Play Games For Mac Online Games For Mac Site Smith And Wesson 38 Ctg Serial Number Lookup Oberon For Mac Commandos 1 For Mac Biblequote For Mac Os Lightroom Adobe For Mac Processing 3 For Mac Who Is On My Wifi For Mac Viveza For Mac Os Search App For Mac Cable For Mac To Tv Hdmi …. It is generally accepted that these were only made in 1946 and 1947 (the one in my collection was made in 1947 - serial number K100xx), however, there may be some out there with a higher serial number. Your example has some issues, however. The serial number is usually found beneath the grips. 38 Special cartridge and is fitted with a 4-inch (100 mm) barrel, though additional barrel options have been offered at various …. The Chiefs Special and Chiefs Special Airweight were 5 shot guns, and they never had C prefix serial numbers. 06 - Used SMITH & WESSON / S&W MODEL 30-1 2". 38 Smith & Wesson was a shorter and slightly larger in diameter case than the. welcome01 to the forums from the Wiregrass! As ^59dexta says, it is a WWII Victory. 44 Special Smith & Wesson Triple Lock revolver and was made with a 5-inch (13 cm) barrel and fixed sights. 38 special CTG model 13-3 serial no. 38 caliber revolver built on the. It will either say MOD 37 or MOD 38. There is an additional "S" after the SN where it is stamped under the barrel. If the production was relatively linear then I'd guess 1928- ish. You should confirm that for me. It has been used in dozens of models of S&W, Colt, Webley, and Enfield revolvers. It is a three inch barrel with serial number 459XXX 5 or 6 shot? If a 6 shot it would be early/mid 1920's. Smith & Wesson 38 double action second model revolver Chambered in 38 S&W 6" barrel. In any case, you still have not provided the serial number. One side of the barrel says "Smith & Wesson" and the other side says "38 S. I bought this gun new in Boone North Carolina back in the 1975/76/77/78 time frame. On the matter of nomenclature, here are some facts: 1. The first revolver to be given the name was the. Have A 32 Winchester CTG Revolver. Has screw in front of trigger guard. Manufacture Year by Serial Number "K" Frame Revolvers - 1899 to 1983: (Years/Serial Number Range) Pre-War Years: 1899-1902 1956 smith and wesson k series 357 magnum. SMITH AND WESSON MP 38SPL USED GUN INV 208272. The story starts in 1849 when the Massachusettsa Arms COmpany, Chicopee Falls was formed and finally incorporated on March 5, 1850. 38 S&W Special CTG marking on the barrel is the caliber -. Yours was fairly late in the run. It has the plastic grips and the serial number is 26526. I Have A Pre Model 14, S&W K. SERVICE CTG'S" The top of the barrel reads " SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFILED MASS USA PAT'D APRIL 9, 89 MARCH 27, 94 MAY 21, 96 JULY 16, 95 AUG 4, 96 DEC 22, 96 OCT 4, 98 OCT 8, 01 DEC 17, 01" The only other marings on the gun are the five digit serial number on the butt of the gun and the S. Smith and Wesson S&S Special 38 Spl Ctg 4" barrel Serial 505424 Smith and Wesson S&S Special. 38 Combat Masterpiece (including the later Model 15). FlaRon Premium Member · #3 · Apr 12, 2012. 38 LC, but longer, allowing the loading of more black. 38 Special cartridge, but rather the shorter and somewhat less powerful. Please post that in a new thread you start. The ejector seemed to be a bit worn where the hand comes into contact wth it. Post pictures here including the serial number on the butt of the gun and someone will look up the shipping date. 38 Colt New Police, and the British. The numbers on the yoke are not it. Smith and Wesson Serial Number Date of Manufacture J Frame Revolver Lookup. Depending on what year it was made, the serial number could appear in various places, such as below the barrel on a revolver or on the bottom of the grip. My Friend Has A Smith & Wesson 38 Special Serial Number 576055 Can Similar. The box in your picture came into use in 1954 and the gun appears to have the second style flat latch. According to the serial number range, your gun was made in 1903 or 1904. But, the 49 should be model stamped from the beginning. Serial Number 116003 - roughly 220000 so yours would be made around the turn of the century and not an …. What Does Pre Model 10 Mean. Posted: 5/30/2017 7:20:13 PM EDT. I can only guess that you guys get sick of this question but it appears that S&W serial number lookup resources are just non-existent. The S&W Model 37 "Chief's Special Airweight" was introduced in 1952 and are valued at; Exc. 14 Serial # under barrel when cylinder is out-5048 Serial # behind trigger guard on the handle is 5048 Number on frame when cylinder is …. Came with a leather holster marked "Hunter". S&W Secret Service Special. 357 Magnumcartridge; it will also chamber and fire. What I can tell you is that N199xxx was scheduled for use in 1975. Historical foundation: Knowa gun’s history, which includes its ship date. Also, check to see if the yoke cutout (part of frame right in front of cylinder visible when cylinder is open. What is the value of a smith and Wesson 38 special ctg model 10-5 serial number 37377? Free Smith And Wesson Serial Number Lookup What is the age and value of a 357 magnum Smith and Wesson Model 66 revolver serial 4K58564? Smith And Wesson Serial Lookup. Age And Value Of My S & W 38 Cal CTGE. The wood is in good to very good condition, a few small gauges and scratches. I'm trying to find out about when it was manufactured. Top of Barrel reads: SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD MASS. Hello Guest Smith and Wesson 38 special ctg serial number. Serial numbers for both ran from 263001 in 1917 to 536684 in 1942. As far as the 34-1, it shows serial number 135464 in 1969 with the serial numbers transitioning to M prefix (starting with M1) that same year. 38 Special cartridge, so have a competent Gun Smith Look at the cylinder in this gun to make sure it's throats were NOT lengthened as you say a. USA with patented Feb 6, 06, Sept 14, 09, Dec 29, 14. 357 Magnum cartridge, in production from 1954 to 1986. I can easily find the date of manufacture for my other guns but not my S&W. S&W 32 Long CTG Patent June 5, 1917. By Dale, 8 years ago on Smith & Wesson. There are no letters in the serial However there are 2 dots in front of it. For that time period the same serial number should also be on the underside of the barrel and back of the cylinder. Book does not narrow it down any further. Smith Wesson AIRWEIGHT 38 SPL. The official cartridge before the. Just saw one at a dealer that usually has decent prices and he was asking $399. I believe your gun was made in 1949. Serial numbers are between 241704 and 1000000. Changes from the 3rd Model of 1905 were mainly internal. Patented April 20, 1875; February 18-20, 1877; May 11, 1880. I know it's not a 38 Special and I understand the difference. Smith and Wesson 38 special CTG value and age. 06 with a serial number of 11805x. Without it 1955-to as late as 1959. 38 Military & Police Model of 1905, 4th Engineering Change, made in the very early 1920s, about the time that S&W instituted heat treatment for the cylinders of these revolvers. It is a K service frame gun with 5 external screws. S&W revolvers chambered for this cartridge were so-marked until about 1913-14. Smith and Wesson 38 with a letter C and not sure about. You may have to take the grips off to see the SN on the butt. It is a Smith and Wesson 32-20 CTG. 357 Magnum" stamped on the side of the barrel anyway. Fixed sights are what you would expect, target sights would bring a premium. It is built on Smith & Wesson 's medium-sized K-frame. By Pirateer2007, 11 years ago on Smith & Wesson. Handgrips appear to be real wood. It's pre-war so there is no model number and there were no alpha designations at that time either. The left sid eof the barrel states " 38 S & W SPECIAL U. That serial number gives an approximate production date of around the third or fourth quarter of 1904. So far as I can determine, these were the last Model 64 revolvers. Price varies from $175 to $1850. Has about 95% original blue finish with a bit of edge and muzzle wear. 📷 SMITH & WESSON ANTIQUE HANDGUNS. All of the model 37 Airweights have barrel markings with Airweight stamped on it. Side note: A K-22 / K-38 from early 1948 would likely have a tapered, thin barrel. In most cases, a Smith & Wesson revolver’s serial number is engraved on the trigger guard, the crank, or the cylinder of the pistol. Old S&W revolver, low serial number. End of barrel to face of chamber is 4". Showing stamped nomenclature on barrel unique to model 28. The serial number places it in 1947. By Tim, 6 years ago on Smith & Wesson. I targeted this iconic gunmaker in December and showed why my covered-call strategy appeared to hold some fir. 38 Special with the SN mentioned is a. 38 Military & Police model that later became the Model 10. 38 Special fires a medium-sized bullet at rather low speeds. Re: Handgun info needed: S&W 32-20 Revolver. Smith & Wesson 38 Special CTG. 38 Military & Police revolver, there should be a "C" on the left side of the lanyard ring. The demand of new SMITH WESSON 38 pistol's has fallen. Sold Location: Apopka, FL 32703. Prior to that it would be a "Post War K-38 …. CTG is an abbreviation for "cartridge", and tells what cartridge is to be fired in the revolver. Pre-War serial #s are centered on the butt unless there was a swivel. 38 Smith and Wesson Special due to a different case shape and slightly larger bullet diameter. s&w 32-20 ctg serial number lookup. It should also appear on the rear face of the cylinder and on the barrel flat. It does have a 4" barrel and I still …. The cartridge is most likely a. Find prices for SMITH AND WESSON 38 SPECIAL to help when appraising. Value of Smith & Wesson Model 37 Airweight Hand Gun. Value of this Smith & Wesson Model 15-3. It has some polishing work in front but it is in very good condition. Was just looking over the serial number information in the above "sticky". We have reviewed the numbers by the year of issue. I have a smith and Wesson special ctg. By iresq4free, 2 years ago on Other Handguns. 38 special ctg revolver with 6" barrel. I was wondering if anyone could possible tell me a basic estimated value. It looks to me like a standard 6" barrel K frame. Help identifying the year and price of my S&W 38 spl ctg">Help identifying the year and price of my S&W 38 spl ctg. 816XX on the butt is the serial number, the others are assembly numbers used to keep parts together during the manufacturing process. Walnut grips I believe with checkering. I have a smith 3 and a half inch victory model. It was made on a new frame size called the I-frame, which had been designed for a new cartridge, the. This pistol has a lanyard ring on the bottom of the handle. I'm not an expert on this model, so it's my best educated gueass at this point. You can contact Smith & Wesson’s customer care department if you need help locating the serial number for your pistol:. Smith and Wesson Model 10 Serial Numbers: How to Find. With the serial number, you can look up the following features and aspects of your gun: Smith Wesson date of manufacture: Get the dates of production and the batch manufactured with your revolver. It's in pretty good condition, and I am guessing the S/N is located on the butt of the gun. Model 686 Plus (With Lock) Model 686 Plus Pro Series Model 686 CS1 U. The first is a Smith and Wesson Third Model Double Action. The serial numbers on the butt of the gun and the underside of the barrel match -- 11###. 38 Hand Ejector Model of 1899, the Smith & Wesson Military & Police or the Smith & Wesson Victory Model, is a K-frame [2] revolver of worldwide popularity. They are very popular and are priced according to location. I would like to know the model, year, and value of this S&W. Using that serial number and the fact that it is. Value of Dan Wesson 357 Magnum CTG. It is a six shot revolver and I was wondering if you could tell me the value o … read more. By Guest, 5 years ago on Smith & Wesson. This gun was found hidden in the stairwell of an abandon house we were taring down 25 years ago. military and will have a 4" barrel. Model 36 serial number and production date. I have two Smith & Wesson 38 Special CTG Revolvers that I inherited from my38 smith and Wesson top break. The inscription on top of the 3¼-inch length barrel is on four lines in all-capital sans-serif characters, as follows: The Regulation Police Model was also available as a five-shot. However, because it is in the "transition range" of serial numbers, it may be a First Change rather than a Second Change. The model designation started in 1957. 38 Military & Police Victory Model and the S&W Model 10. Some Smith and Wesson revolvers have a duplicate serial number stamped inside the yoke, along with the gun’s model number. S&W 38 Victory V675XX with 4" Barrel Marked Smith & Wesson on one side of the Barrel and marked 38 S & W Spicial CTG on the other side of the Barrel. Serial Number appears to be 595411 or 395411. 38 Special CTG By Eric Cedric Smith & Wesson makes. Smith & Wesson 6 shot 38 caliber pistol 1940. The Smith & Wesson Historical Foundation was created in 2007 by Ray and Sheryl Cheely, members of the …. The C will be separated from the numbers by a cylinder chamber. 357 Magnum version of the heavy-barrel variant of the. 38 Special cartridge hopped up with …. 38 Special CTG thru and estate sale. On the side of the barrel it has 32 S. change made between 1909 and 1915. My Dad was a deputy sheriff back in the 50's and left me an old smith and wesson.