Backrooms Level 465

Backrooms Level 465Go through the level 4 door and continue on to level 6. The level is throughly decorated with statues depicting a human with abnormal features and other medieval-like objects. How it knows of the approach of other beings is unknown, but it is. There are doors on the side of the hallway that appear every 3 meters. It is an area known by its moldy carpet, buzzing fluorescent lights and yellow walls. This is where some creatures thrive here. The island itself is 9,600 square kilometers (3,700 square miles) in area. This BackRooms level has one Entity and is a Library almost like a maze. All rooms in Level 0 share the same superficial features, such as worn mono-yellow wallpaper, old moist carpet, scattered electrical …. Are the Backrooms real? : r/TrueBackrooms. They have unkempt black hair on their heads and large mouths filled with sharp teeth. It's a great way to connect with other fans and learn more about this fascinating world. No two levels will be the same, with any "similar" levels having a slight change. The Trenches is a level that is an almost exact replica of a foggy WWI battlefield in France and consists of the name-giving trenches, which also have repair shops and bunkers inside them, and the no-mans-land between trenches. The Hub is a hidden level which serves as the nexus to the entire Backrooms, containing an entrance to every single level. The Backrooms is an infamous creepy pasta / liminal space that has taken the internet by storm by its disturbing nature. wHiCh BaCkRoOmS lEvEl Is ThIs : r/backrooms. 5's light, there is a noticeable difference in temperature from other levels in the Backrooms. Level 400 is the 401st level of the Backrooms and the start of Cluster V. JS formats for use in Unity 3D, Blender, Sketchup, Cinema 4D, Backrooms map: level 0 by kake122. The tiled floor is also covered in a very thin layer of …. Its physical appearance is indistinguishable from that of the Fushimi Inari shrine, though accompanied by slight anomalies and bewildering geometry. Notably, most carpets have straight black. The MOST DANGEROUS Backrooms levels. The Originals are a group of people trapped in the Backrooms throughout the passing of human history. They vary from Pink Dressed Facelings, Insanities, Hounds, both Male and Female Deathmoths, Bursters, Smilers and rarely Child Facelings. Room -1 is completely black, though all objects have a neon green outline. These are all of the Levels that are currently in the Game. Level 463: "Concrete Wasteland". This elevator can go from floors 1 to 6; but only one floor will actually take the player to the next level, The Rooms of Doors. Unlike the usual spatial liminal Positive Levels, Negative Levels tend to have surreal REM sleep and trippy elements, and liminality in Negative Levels is more situational or psychological. Kitty's House livingroom has very many plushies instead, Kitty's …. LEVEL 6/ is a lazy edit of a picture take in agra red fort dark room in India, fun fact is that this photo was actually taken IN 1996. com/collections/8bit-ryanTwitch: https:/. This Backrooms Explained will walk you throu. Found an archive of Level 5. There are also records that containers can sometimes …. The basement, attic, and study/office are inaccessible. Level -22 's corridors, which average 1. HEX colors #8e8744, #d4cfa5, #5e501a, #989764, #c9c49f, #6c6434. As you might expect, this system posits that there are three levels to the Backrooms — the first level, which consists of the quintessential Backrooms environment of yellow hallways, manky carpet, buzzing lights, and an endless degree of labyrinthine monotony; the …. What's the HARDEST Backrooms level to find??. The main center of Level 94 which serves as the spawn location of most wanderers is completely gone; it is simply nothing, however, sounds of a monotone groaning, similar to the noise of an extremely creaky, heavy door being haphazardly opened and closed can be heard, creating random intervals possessing no. Level 25, also known as "Out of Order" or "The Arcade," is a distinctive and intriguing level that recalls nostalgia for the mid-to-late 1980s arcade period. Level 100, colloquially known as either "Soundless Solitude" or "Silent Sounds" comprises a narrow, waterlocked shoal of smooth sand stretching infinitely from east to west, being bordered at the northern and southern ends by an everlasting warm ocean; it is shallow, retaining an average depth of approximately 12 meters (39 feet) deep, moreover, is estimated to have a max depth of 100 meters. She exists solely to guide wanderers safely towards the level's only exit. Today, we're looking at the first 100 levels of the Backrooms. The Backrooms: Level 65 (Ambience) The Soundrooms. (Note the person was DavidCrypt). The level is made up of flesh covered hollows that have green colored alien looking eggs running up the sides of the walls and pillars. Choose from 53 royalty-free Backroom sounds, starting at $2, royalty-free and ready to use in your project. The structure is built without a pattern or logic with any sort of infrastructure in mind. Level -10 is a dark gloomy place set to be some hills at night. It shares the magnitude of the main pool complex, with haphazardly separated rooms and intricate architecture, more often than not presenting chaotic patterns throughout the level. Level -16 is the 16 th negative level of the backrooms. Backrooms Levels In Minecraft: Level 46I hope you enjoyed the video!I used Blockbuster, Aperture, Minema and Metamorph mod by McHorse To make this video─Chap. She is rumored to be a lost Victorian child from the Frontrooms. Backrooms Level 262 is the 262 level of the Backrooms. You just need to look past the less-good things. stephanomaximux 108 days ago (-1). All About the Backrooms levels: Rankings, Images, & Info. 后室奇谈 The backrooms Level 433N 场末胶囊旅馆#backrooms #沉浸式体验 #后室 #地下室 @抖音小助手. A False End is a secret and enigmatic level of the Backrooms. The air is very dry here, as is the dirt, and the main dangers wanderers will face in this part of The Grave Expanse is. Level 69 is the 70th level of the Backrooms. It appears to be a series of 'Randomly Segmented Elevators'. Unlike Level 0, this level possesses a …. Explorers that end up in Level -627 did something vile and found themselves crippled by culpability. Level 26, known as the current 27 th level located within The Backrooms, is an intriguing space that poses great danger to those who venture into it. Level 39, otherwise known as "Megalophobia", is a seemingly normal town that consists of buildings that appear to have originated from the 1800s to the 1980s. A Long Forgotten Exclamation. Description: A Dark Asylum With Blood Stains On The Walls, Windows & Doors. Hey everyone! Today I talk about a backrooms level called the Poolrooms this might be my new favorite level, so I hope you liked it too. In the room you are standing in, there are 2 pen(s). The Backrooms Level Database. Those eyes began to form on the walls and their form became more apparent: strobing purple-green coloured eyes with their entire being rather pixelated. You Can't ESCAPE Backrooms Level 232 "Supermarket"Explaining Level 232 in the backrooms, how to escape and how to enter. Though, you cannot move or speak. level ! is one that would be so awesome to have. The all-encompassing corridor view generally exudes the trope of a "futuristic" aesthetic due to the association's travelers constitute between Level 15 and the overarching vision of an …. Level 1 - Habitable Zone: Level one is reached by choosing not to noclip …. He is the main reason pe ople should not turn on the lights when in this level, as he can somehow sense when a nd where the light is on in the level. An image which was added to the Database before the uploader's disappearance. The absolute absence of light in Level 6 makes it nearly. The humming will even take the native beings within the backrooms. Anomalous Levels are mysterious in nature — they cannot be fully described with an arbitrary number. APPEARANCE: This Level appears to be a Forest in the form of a Maze. Level 370 contains an alarming amount of trees, more than one can find in regular jungles. this is mt halloween backrooms level I made for this year! Hope you enjoyed it :) lmk what u think of it in the comments My SocialsTwitter 👉https://twitter. Escape The Backrooms Level 0 Map : r/backrooms. (I still hate that colonies exist in there) 736. Stretch brings you The Backrooms Level 389 - "The Gaming Hall" Animation. The level is divided into 2 sections: The River, and The Forest The River resembles a regular, winding river of an unknown length, with gravel beaches. However, there are some reports that indicate that Skin-Stealers may be present in this level. Level 974, colloquially called 'Cluttered Corridors,' strictly resembles a stretch of different-styled corridorways, likely to be of an infinite size due to various factors. Many also speculate that this level fosters the transformation of Wretches. Entities native to Level 465 have an affect where they can show no violence and protect the town in a myriad of ways, The Facelings of the level made a base around the city to ward off any dangers. Not much else is known about this Level. One method to exit Level 72 is by finding a stylish garden, then noclipping through the soil of blossoming flowers. Many travelers consider Level 36 to be a secondary hub of the Backrooms, similar to the Hub, since its exit leads to any outdoor levels, with the designated numbers of the levels increasing as one travels deeper into …. This is the backrooms level 0 map if you want to make 3D animations and stuff. As the wiki says its 600000 square miles. The Backrooms, based off of the recent Found Footage short film by Kane Pixels! This is an improved Backrooms map, sticking closely to the original concept with various elements from Kane Pixels' lore. "If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. "If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms…. Backrooms: Is it possible to “Noclip” in real life?. This is the first found footage of the backrooms level 232 (the infinite grocery store). Walk to the end of the corridor, and then turn around and head back to your starting point. Funkin' For Your Life: A Backrooms Mod. (excluding the negative levels). Did you know that Level 47 has an anomalous property that converts any information pertaining to it into a question? Isn't it strange that one is unable to write any information about the level without it being in the form of a question, while the writer does not appear to notice? Wouldn't one conclude that Level 47 presents a serious memetic hazard and a …. I Survived The HARDEST Backrooms Level. These levels pose a major threat to any living things inside them, and any entry to these levels should be avoided. Backrooms Level Creator ― Perchance Generator">Backrooms Level Creator ― Perchance Generator. Who doesn’t love a good break out, cuz who would want to break into the fucking backrooms. The starter levels share three distinct characteristics: yellow light-emitting fluorescent lights, yellow (sometimes stained) walls, and yellow carpets with varying quality and age. Level 4, also known as "The Abandoned Office", is the 5th Level in the Backrooms. It didn't specify what the layout is the level other than claiming that I lived there (which is obviously a. new google maps backrooms location: 21°15'35. They share indistinguishable features such as old 1920s wallpaper with a …. The planter cut across and railing serve no purpose. The carpet is coarse and sticky, contrasting with. Photographer now residing in Level 87. Level 906: "The Infinite Library". Found The Backrooms Level 3 Footage. 1 Entities 0-99; Entity 20 – “The Thing On Level 7 Entity 465; Entity 466; Entity 467; Entity 468; Entity 469; Entity 470; Entity 471; Entity 472; Entity 473; Entity 474; Entity 475;. kittys house) through a found footage style video. Level -949494949494949494949: "Negative Level 94" Level -9223372036854775807 : "The 'Final' Negative Level" Anomalous Levels , sometimes referred to as Enigmatic Levels or Oddball Levels by some, are levels which are mysterious in nature or which are noticeably different from most other levels of the Backrooms. I soon came upon a hallway filled with locked doors. Level traversing back in the Backrooms was just all an illusion, or a. In this category you have all sound effects, voices and sound clips to play, download and share. The temperature here is consistently 95 degrees Fahrenheit exactly. The area is shrouded in a deep red hue, from the crimson wallpaper to the darkroom-like lighting. The sky is blood red with a crimson orange Sun. A collection of the top 21 The Backrooms wallpapers and backgrounds available for download for free. We find new footage in Backrooms!☞ Subscribe & click the bell Subscribe https://www. This level has no entities however if fall of the planets or …. A nostalgic level of the childhood. Level 463, also known as the "Concrete Wastes," is an arid outdoor area …. com/wiki/Backrooms_WikiConsider …. To do this, match the number of the color of the cubes and their number. These qualities always fluctuate suddenly without any warning, which in some cases, can be too drastic of a change for one to handle. The Supermarket Level of the Backrooms(level 232). Backrooms 2 is an interesting horror escape game in which you have to discover the most mysterious room in this world featuring full of yellow color!. The majority of the level is a monochromatic grey, albeit some parts such as lights deviate from the dominating color. The level holds little to no lighting in certain areas, and it is fairly difficult to see sometimes, as the lights may sometimes flicker or shut off entirely. Losing all your sanity in the section of Level 0. A strange phenomenon has been. An Aranea Membri descends from the ceiling of an unknown level. The Weirdest backrooms map ever V4. Level -333 consists of a boundless office building with a seemingly haphazard layout. The tunnels are lined with evenly-spaced doors, the design of each one representing the respective level that it …. Upon entering, one will discover themselves in a grassfield, with heavily murky welkins. Description Level 665 is a orange-carpeted, dimly lit, finite, laundry room. And now you have to solve the code. The Backrooms is an urban legend and creepypasta that tells the tale of an endless maze of randomly generated office rooms. This level appears to be a replica of the solar system. Level 65 is a dangerous level of the backrooms, despite having no known creatures …. The Backrooms Entity Database. backrooms map by supersonicnathan14. Level 232, also known as the "Field of Forgotten Forts", is a picturesque yet desolate expanse of countryside scenery, interspersed with abandoned structures. Level 455: Forest of the Truth. However, the walls on Level -22 are 7 feet tall or can be longer, up to 44 feet tall. "Name" is what the entity is known as. Being designated “Your Murky Demise,” Level 500, is a categorically outlandish level of the backrooms. backrooms level 99944238859085344905. 1: "Desert of Nightmares" Level 627. Featured in the game 'Noclip VR'!! Thank you so so much, Reality Games Online! This is heavily inspired by the urban myth and/or creepypasta called The Backrooms, which have a very distinct atmosphere to them. 52°F), which is cold when compared to a tropical environment in the Frontrooms. The level is also shrouded in clouds, further …. Level -319 is the inside of a moldy, abandoned house covered in a thick layer of dust and debris. random generation is mandatory whenever making a backrooms level, because the whole concept of backrooms is …. This level is uncomfortably damp and humid, much more so than Level 0. (OUTDATED) Every discovered normal level of the Backrooms. There is some similarity of the breakdown or classification of the level between Backrooms and the SCP Foundation however the backrooms is just mainly focused on classifying levels specifically. Furthermore, the level seemingly follows Euclidean geometry but completely ignores known …. Each sidewalk extends linearly for an unknown length cutting through a rather thick forest. Johnny is the m ain entit y residing inside of Level -7. wave 1 survival difficulty class0. The virtually infinite space of Level 84 is composed of an amalgamation of buildings jammed together in an eccentric system, leaving little to no space for those who desire to wander around the streets of the area. Level 370: “Welcome To The Jungle”. The temperature during the daytime is a steady 15℃ (59℉), while at nighttime, it's -7℃ (19. This level is made of 2 acts, both having a huge class spike between them, starting with: Act 1 appears to be a large office building in an apocalyptical state due to it showing a large amount of damage. Steam Workshop::gm_liminal_hotel. The level has several other descriptions depending on where it is located, but it usually keeps the concrete floor with some cracks in the ground. Level 99 is the 100 th level of the Backrooms, twisted and entangled with a collection of levels mainly found in Cluster I, Cluster -I, and potentially a few Anomalous Levels. There are no entities and there is a stable, friendly colony of 6 people. Someone Said How The Possible Location Is In 370 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1J9, Canada. In order for your ranking to be included, you need to be logged in and publish the list to. Level 7 is the current furthest floor we know of. BackRooms Level 644/ : r/backrooms. Level 420 represents a massive greenhouse full of marijuana. Click here to go to the Level List. Backrooms games, such as The Backrooms Kogama and Backrooms: Huggy Wuggy Runner, are incredibly popular and alluring. 3D, backrooms, Multiplayer, Short: Download. Fluorescent lighting flickers dimly against stained, yellowing walls. Level 189 resembles a barren, foggy wasteland. Spawn is random, but you will always spawn "in the front" of the map. "Number," as the name suggests, refers to the numerical notation of an entity. 后室奇谈 The backrooms Object 65 麦迪逊大道的人体模型#backrooms #沉浸式体验 #怪谈 #都市传说 #后室 @抖音小助手. Upon entering Level -51, you will be greeted by a lane of dilapidated, inaccessible garages. 该地区拥有昼夜交替和温度变化等功能,且会自四季的变化产生天气的改变,但与前厅有微小的差异。. Level 7 is the 8th level of the Backrooms. Suddenly, a blanket of ash and rock fired from the volcano's flanks upon the island. Backrooms JP Wiki">通常階層リスト. Steam Workshop::The Backrooms (ALL LEVEL MAPS) …. However, this isn't exclusively for backrooms-related stuff! So by all means, if you're simply in. A False End, also known as The End or A False Ending to many, is a trap location or level that is meant to "lure" wanderers into a false sense of security, thinking that they have escaped The Backrooms. Level ∞ is a plane terminal that seems to stretch on …. Survival Difficulty: Class 0 Safe Secure Devoid of Entities Description: "Plains" is a grass field determined to be about 999 googolplex km's long, stretching out more than a human being could ever run in their lifetimes, although, this level weridly has no entities, when a person walks 9 miles in every direction. Therefore, they are referred to by symbols, exaggerated numerical values, or their most distinguishing feature. An Image of Level 74 found during an expedition of the level. Backrooms level: The Foggy Neighborhood : r/backrooms. Level 74 can be best described as a vast expanse of land entirely covered by an immense ice sheet, with a near endless blizzard being omnipresent throughout the level, inhabited by a psychoactive plant, with alleged connections to plants. The stars in the sky move around in a Euclidean manner, moving the same speed as in the Frontrooms, suggesting the level is a planet that's primarily a taiga itself. Entities: pp, vg, creepy old Joe. This crystal is called Pictonite; the forename derived after the hexidecimal color "Picton," correlating to a light blue color in equivalence of the neon gemstones. Government subsidies for businesses, you can love them or you hate them. In this video, I’ll explain the backrooms entity knows as “Kitty” and I’ll also explain “Skin Stealers”. Level 445 Level 446 Level 447 Level 448 Level 449 Level 450 Level 451 Level 452 Level 453 Level 454 Level 455 Level 456 Level 457 Level 458 Level 459 Level 460 Level 461 Level 462 Level 463 Level 464 Level 465 Level 466 Level 467 Level 468 Level 469 Level 470 Level 471 Level 472 Level 473 Level 474 Level 475 Level 476 Level 477 Level …. Level 8 is the 9th level of the Backrooms. We've been hearing the words constitutional crisis a lot lately. Its fun to write about and strikes fear at a very primal level. A black smoke emanated from the tip of the volcano, followed by a rumbling. operative noclipped from Level 6 onto a wide, concrete plane, enveloped by darkness. Level φ (commonly called "The True Level φ") is an incredibly unknown space within the Backrooms, and usually remains unseen due to the unreliability of its entrance from the ruse which shields it. Each level features different ways to escape with danger along the way. A level with this survival difficulty is regarded as mostly safe, with a few threats present. This charming refuge boasts a complete set of furnishings, featuring distinct rooms like a lavishly appointed bathroom, a well-equipped kitchen, a cozy. The Animated King is considered to be the boss of Escape the Backrooms and can be found in the Animated Palace of Level 94. was filed a lawsuit for allegedly getting 3 wanderers killed after a shark had broken out of a tank. There are different types of expeditions in the Backrooms that determine what supplies one should bring. Level 151: "The Fabricated". The space is typically jet dark with reports of wanderers only being able to see 10-15 feet in front of themselves. The Backrooms < > 3 Comments radioactivex2 Aug 13, 2022 @ 5:44pm nice GOC (Jukebox) Jul 20, 2022 @ 2:50pm Liminal Hallway mxrcyv707 Jul 8, 2022 @ 10:46am what map is that < >. Level 94: "Haphazard Remnants". Level -3, also known as “Reflections”, appears to be an endless maze consisting of mirrors, soft grey carpets, which stretch throughout the entire level, and lights that flicker often at random intermittent intervals—typically every 7-12 minutes. Ok so I need some theories on this one. Although possessing houses deriving from such a wide range, buildings in Level 39's town appear uniform and well-preserved. Level 69 is an infinite motel, which accommodates an infinite amount of wanderers and facelings. Level 65 is the 66th Level of the Backrooms. Regardless, being primarily the sub-level of Level 188, Level 188. The first encounter of the level was thought to had transpired in c. The very moment one sets foot in this level, they will fall into a. Mass in Level -911 is held at noon …. Ohio is mimic level that copy state Ohio from the Frontrooms. and if we're going with "proper" sources, the original 4chan post heavily implies an infinite amount of space on "level 0". The Backrooms If you're not careful and noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. The Entity of this level is called gütš also known as Entity 6ø6. Some levels are home to sustained communities, while others pose major threats to the life inside of them. The Broken cannot be considered a level by the standard definition; it is a fragmented, corrupted expanse outside the realm of the Backrooms entirely. The name "Ursa Major" refers to how the sky has one. If you base your level off a real-life reference, such. The Leisure Lounge is very new to Level 3, and The Backrooms in general, having only been founded in 1996. These accustomed tunnels are constantly …. Level 1 alone is the most terrifying. The architectural design of the structures is not yet precisely determined, though the structures are blockier than as. The ocean has all types of clocks in it, with digitals being the most dangerous sending you to Level 195, called The Backrooms Cemetery. Inserting this template will require you to provide a reason while adding it. 当人一进入 Level 13 时,就将会感受到宁静——无止境的背景雨音和老旧机器运行时的单调的嗡嗡声。. The Backrooms as you've never seen before. ) On the ceiling every 10 meters (about 33 feet) are red exit signs. 279K subscribers in the backrooms community. The Backrooms are an online fiction originating from a creepypasta posted on a 2019 4chan thread. The Animated King appears as a friendly clown with green hair, red gloves, a purple and …. Category:Anomalous Levels. There are literally thousands of levels to the Backrooms, but very little is known about most of them. One has to be very careful, as most of the items atop the junk piles are quite fragile and sometimes even corroded if metal. The level is also known for being a deadzone and having unreliable electricity and telecommunications. It appears to be a Pink House with cute stuff everywhere. it is one of the most mysterious locations in the backrooms. Rapid shifts and changes ensue chaos to the level. G researchers who managed to enter this level. Backrooms Level 0 colors palette. It is a series of extensively long hallways with wooden floor and white concrete walls with white doors on them. 普通层级(Normal Level)构成了后室(Backrooms)的基本框架,这些层级往往在区域大小、危险性和可居住性等方面有着显著差异。 Level 465 - [NO DATA] Level 466 -. thinks that this Level -10 area was used in ancient times as a punishment for breaking the law. Backrooms 2D by JujuProdGames. The second system, meanwhile, is known as the Three Level System. The pipes cause the heat in Level 2 to reach immense temperatures, reportedly reaching 200 Fahrenheit (93 °C) and higher, …. They are nomadic, traveling throughout Level 5 at random intervals. Description Level 666, otherwise known as "Gates of Hell" or "The Hallway To Hell" is a system of hallways constructed out of Japanese torii gates extending in an unspecified length. gg/9PT5AEnNByRecorded Video n°25Level ! "Run For Your Life"These videos are based of the backrooms wikidot with som. Các Level điển hình - đối với bất kỳ giá trị nào của từ "điển hình" có thể được mong đợi từ Backrooms—dường như có kích thước vô hạn (mặc dù các cấp độ "giới hạn" không phải là chưa từng thấy), và thường gây ra cảm giác quen thuộc đến kỳ lạ đối với. Level -13, also known as “The Never-Ending River,” is the 13th negative level of the Backrooms. The current distance of Level !-! is unknown, but many have theorized the length of this level. Levels are the main components of Escape the Backrooms. You can also find a weed storage, if lucky. It is believed that the cafeteria would be a place for the supposed employees who will work in the factory to have lunch, so it is visible so many accents. Despite this, many people still go insane. 280K subscribers in the backrooms community. The partygoers are also a meme in the Backrooms with many pranks and wars going on. Being pleasantly scenic and devoid of hostile entities, its landscape lends itself well to the establishment of outposts and communities. 2 miles, are noticeably longer than those on Level 0. )”,都市怪谈Backrooms level 909 感官剥夺 后房 后室,隐藏层 …. The Gas Station [Backrooms AU] by ★. The hallways contain various wooden doors on either side, each being approximately 2-6 feet apart. Backrooms Level Creator ― Perchance Generator. The floors are tile, the walls are torn, dark-colored concrete, and the ceilings are aluminum, metal, or conductive material. Then, the Transmitters built a rocket titled, "Apex-1001". Level Fun =) is a high-risk, dangerous level hinting at the sincere commonality of Partygoers. It crawls on the walls and ceiling of Level -2, and when it finds a person, it disguises itself, becoming almost invisible, and starts heading towards the person. People with pollen allergy also shouldn't stay in this level for too long, obviously. Level 49: "Minimal Network". There are 465 known species of sharks that display different physical characteristics. Level -404 is the 404 th negative level of the Backrooms. I’m not really a fan of any level outside levels 0-11. Level 6 is the 7th level of the Backrooms. Partygoers are the only looming …. Many of these levels represent what are known as "liminal spaces", evoking an eerie feeling inside the minds of its inhabitants. What’s a Normal Cholesterol Level?. #2 is the one on the right side. com/level-4_4I get all my informa. Level 3, also referred to as "The Electrical Station", is an expansive complex of attenuated brick hallways with electrical machinery scattered throughout. The level's physical appearance is mundane and somewhat worn down; however, its layout. which would lead one to this level;. Many of these levels represent what is known as "liminal spaces", evoking an eerie feeling inside the minds of their inhabitants. Level -777 is a boreal forest called Domicile by the Natives, which means "home or residence" and is divided into two regions: Ethereal Grounds and Voidic Woods. Level 0 is a seemingly infinite non-linear space, resembling the back rooms of a retail outlet. Level 94 is an expanse of nothingness accompanied by a single black hole. Level 234 is known to be a pretty safe level. Advertisement In American politics, the next crisis is never far away. [1] This theory has yet to be confirmed, and is increasingly unlikely, following attempts to explore Level 189. It is recommended to try to keep calm in these levels, as to prevent. The entity is intelligent, and most things they tell you are lies. Level 356, also referred to as "Silent Flats", is a massive, though not endless, arctic wasteland with very old repetitive buildings made of bricks scattered throughout the entire level, creating a familiar but strange feeling. You will initially see a white void upon jumping out of this door. Level 666: "The Hallway to Hell". In this video I go over Backrooms level 466, which is a crazy cool level wit 3 different biomes hope ya enjoyed!Level 466:http://backrooms-wiki. Level C-465是一处类似于前厅的海洋。该地区拥有昼夜交替和温度变化等功能,且会自四季的变化产生天气的改变,但与前厅有微小的差异。海洋会有几率出现小岛,上方拥有木材可制作木筏。该海洋会有一定几率全部变成. Noclipping in a random section has a chance to be sent to Level -9223372036854775810. Level -998, also known as the Lab of Zenith Augmentation, is one of the most unique and mysterious levels in the Backrooms. Level -205, or better known as " CRITICAL ERROR " appears to be a highly unstable and dangerous labyrinth seeming to be infinite in size from top to bottom, consisting of hallways with doors placed along the walls leading to rooms of varying size. A photograph of Level 370, showing a blue sky. In the confines of the flats, one may come across distressed or fractured furnishings reminiscent of the Soviet era. The game is based on a CreepyPasta lore about no-clipping outside reality and ending up in a weird dimension full of empty doors, endless background noise, and approximately. Labirin ini dikarakteristikkan dengan bau karpet basah, dinding dengan warna kuning monokromatik, dan lampu pendar yang berdengung kencang. The outpost exists for leisure, and operates in the computer rooms. They usually reach an average length of 15 feet and are known for their slate-gray. Surprisingly, Level 16 used to …. One may encounter doorways on occasion within Level 0 constructed out of glass which leads one to this level; Entering a room labeled "greenhouse" in Level 4 may lead one to Level 13; An unnaturally extensive hallway in Level 5 may transition to the environment of a greenhouse. Level -911 is the 911th negative level of the Backrooms. Ex: blue and green left, yellow green right, the code is blue green yellow green. This level is also the 9223372036854775808th level of the backrooms. The Infinite Library is mazelike and endlessly expanding, with rooms of varying size that each contain their own bookshelves. Level 33 resembles an empty shopping mall. Level 466 is an (assumed) infinite countryside in a perpetual state of dusk. The porcelain found in the level is similar in texture, shape, and colour to Level 37's. There, just out of reach, beyond glass doors, is the heaven of the Frontrooms. The cafeteria is a part specific of Level 286, it is 934 square meters from The Backrooms Colonists Outpost. Level ! is one of the most dangerous oddball levels in the Backrooms and one of the most entity-infested levels. Google's (GOOG) corporate sibling Waymo may get $465 million in US tax breaks for buying Chrysler (FCAU) Pacificas, and that's okay. Survival Difficulty: Class 2, Exit: For some reason, you can enter any level if you find a room that looks like the Level. A lukewarm pool with a dim light shining in the distance. Most areas of the level are entirely devoid of furniture and other accessories one would typically expect to find in an office, although darkened indents strewn about the carpeting appear to indicate that furniture may have …. Turn left, then right, then another left, and another right. Level 262 is the series of hallways and prisons cells in level 262 and the Hallways have prisons cells everywhere but this level also has a second floor. The atmosphere is surrounded by a feeling of isolation and. As I skirted the corner, the level behind me seemed to disintegrate into a white void. There are also bright, flickering exit signs for the entirety of. 2 Levels -100 - -199; Level -465; Level -466; Level -467; Level -468; Level -469; Level -470; Level -471; Level -472; Level -473; Level -474; Level -475; Level -476; Level -477; Level -478. Level 356: a foggy town : r/backrooms. The showers also tend to be on with the water either freezing cold or dangerously hot. There's no point of return; you are trapped inside yourself to feel the pain of the decomposition of your own body. The vast expanse is composed of dilapidated homes and buildings, broken roads, and several defunct nuclear power plants. When you enter The Trenches you either start in either an Entente trench (mainly the French army and the British. #backroomsFirst found footage of the backrooms final level, "The Stairway"Have questions? comments?JOIN THE TEAM DISCORD: https://discord. WELCOME If you're a fan of the backrooms, you might be interested in checking out the Fanmade Backrooms Level Wiki Fandom. Not much is known about Bacteria, other than that it. Level 974 of The Backrooms - "Kitty's House"I will be uploading Backrooms and Voidclusters readings typically dailyCheck out this level!http://backrooms-wiki. The garages to your left and right will have rotting, wet, wooden boards, beams and pallets leaning against them. The Backrooms, Explained: A Guide To The Internet's Favorite. There is a smaller, second part of Level 4 that instead has a dark blue carpet and white painted walls found further into the Level. The Supermarket Level of the Backrooms(level 232) : r/backrooms. (Pictures were provided to save time on. Scp-3008 Community X The backrooms community. The quickest way to escape the backrooms (Starting at Level 0). Level 1 is the 2nd level of the Backrooms. This is because the blood in your body is slowly turning into soap. ☂️ Level 13: "Vitrum Madness". If you noclip while standing in tall grass you have a 50% chance of being sent here. Level ! consists of a long hallway, approximately ten kilometers in length, with architecture resembling a hospital. 【深入后室】长廊 最新关卡 通关视频 后室更新 最新 level. What Is a Constitutional Crisis?. Level 13 is entirely comprised of interconnected, linear corridors with architecture similar to that of conservatories, more precisely a greenhouse which seems to function as a location to host special events, as one may expect an abundance of furniture in Level 13. They don't need to eat anything, since they don't hunt anything. Level 420 is the 421 st level of the Backrooms, found by an anonymous user. Levels are what make up the Backrooms; they are spaces that vary in size, appearance, safety, stability, and whatever entities or anomalies are within them. The element of a backrooms-wiki. The lights from the ceiling shine around the pool, and the windows provide a beautiful night view, giving it a peaceful feel. It is important to note that the lights within this. Every step makes a little echo that adds to the impression of solitude, and the sound of the air blowing across the. The structures on the level are constructed in a Western architectural design originating from the 1960s, indicated by the evident American culture that predominantly influences the environment; these main aspects of the level remain. Level 665 is a orange-carpeted, dimly lit, finite, laundry room. In this video I will be showing you how to bea. There is plenty of food and good music (there is a pitch change, so sometimes it feels unsettling) and it looks like a strange hotel/mall/water park/office/resort hybrid, so living there would actually be true luxury compared to the rest of the backrooms. I found the OLDEST Backrooms level… In this video I go over Backrooms level 466, which is a crazy cool level wit 3 different biomes hope ya enjoyed!Level. level 1 but russian garage (poles have letter Г, which is the letter G in russian, or a greek gamma. Level ! consists of a long hallway, approximately ten kilometers in length, with its structure resembling that of a hospital. The level the victim will be transported to is one in which entities of the same kind exist. com/wiki/Backrooms_WikiConsider subscribing if you want to. The developer added or might add a procedural generation so might be spawning in a different location on level 0 so your position will be different than mines when I did the video guide on level 0. They have long bony limbs, sharp claws, have eyes that are fully white, lacking irises or pupils and walk on all-fours like a dog, hence their name. Acetone, also named propanone, is a colorless, flammable liquid. Due to the random "shifts" that occur in irregular intervals, it is impossible to accurately predict what Level 599 will manifest into and when such transpires. Hello everyone, in this video I go over backrooms level "!" aka level RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Hopefully you enjoyed it, and let me know what other levels you want. Level 699 is a safe haven that has achieved a mythical status, only known through rumors and old legends before the discovery of the azure pools on November 18th, 2015. Level 459 is generally distinguished by its myriad of towering metal structures that dominate. As expected, the mission failed, because the gravitational pull on Sixty-Five Alpha is. Level 0 is a non-linear space, resembling the back rooms of a retail outlet. Now turn it from the left side til the point where you should stop it according to the note. "The cold light sea" is an isolated level of The Backrooms. Level Death resembles an infinite neighborhood. Typical levels—for whatever value of "typical" can be expected from the Backrooms—tend to be infinite in size (though "bounded" levels are not unheard of), and often provoke a feeling of uncanny familiarity to those happening upon …. Also, pages with this template will be put in a special category where the mods can. Level 974, also known as Kitty's House, is an upcoming Level. Level 13: "Vitrum Madness". Survival Difficulty: Class Deadzone. Backrooms Level 0 colors palette. At first glance, it might appear …. Level -666 level smile is a backrooms level which is a EXIT to the backrooms but leads you to the unknown smile room it is a VERY VERY dangerous the smile room the level looks like this Entities there are 1 entity called the wall the wall is invisible but 1 wander has seen it and it look like this to enter it is really hard you have to go to to. Level 265: "The Storagescape". This level also contains Almond Water and rarely Super Almond Water, but no one will most likely never get it, as this level is filled with entities. You also notice the doorways are very tall. There are no confirmed entities on this level. Level 2 is the darkest level of The Backrooms. I was feeling a little under the weather and I asked my boyfriend to take a photo in a big …. Many paintings, mainly portraits, appear on the walls of the …. Level -250 consists of several seemingly abandoned sidewalks, branching in multiple directions.